The Best Columbia River Fall Fishing Trips in Oregon


The Columbia River teems with Chinook, Coho, and Steelhead all year round. Still, as fall approaches, the Columbia becomes a dream-come-true for avid anglers, as the largest salmon runs begin in late August and continue well into the fall.

The fall run of Chinook is the most abundant salmon return of the year in the Columbia. It is a great time when they are abundant, “everywhere,” and frequently top 30 lbs. They usually start showing up in the Columbia and its tributaries, like the Willamette and Sandy Rivers, in late August. Salmon returns can be unpredictable, so fall forecasts of Chinook are often in flux. Your Oregon fishing guide will be current on Oregon’s regulation and the best times to book your Columbia river Salmon fishing trips. Of this highly prized fish.

By early October, Oregon fishing guides will begin moving east to fish above the Bonneville Dam in pursuit of “trophy” sturgeon, typically weighing 200 to 400 lbs., and famous for their tremendous fight with anglers. At the same time, huge Fall Chinook are still plentiful in the Portland area. Buddy Dupell, owner and guide of Columbia River Fishing Adventures, describes the experience of sturgeon fishing: “Sturgeon fight hard, run line and jump completely out of the water! If you want to try your hand at catching a big, strong, hard-battling fish, sturgeon won’t disappoint.” It’s not unusual to catch 20 to 40 sturgeon per day on a fall Columbia river guided sturgeon fishing trip.

There are ample opportunities for other fishing adventures in the Columbia in the fall. For example, the first wave of the Winter Steelhead run begins around Thanksgiving and can be fished well into December. Called “the ultimate game fish” by some because they are often elusive when sought, and for the spectacular fight they put up, Steelhead move when the sun is off the water, so fishing for steelhead is best early or later in the day. By early January, the Winter Steelhead Run peaks, and it a great time to book an Oregon steelhead fishing trip.

Columbia River anglers target a variety of species in the fall season, but they can’t always keep their catch. Sturgeon, for example, is sometimes limited to catch-and-release. With none stop action, It is one of the best fishing Trips Oregon has to offer. Check state regulations ahead of time, or ask an experienced Columbia River guide like Buddy Dupell when are the prime dates to book a fishing trip.

To book an exciting guided fishing trip On the Columbia, or to learn more about the other guided fishing trips by Columbia River Fishing Adventures, call Buddy at (503) 409-3099 or email him at [email protected]. He will be happy to answer your questions and help you book a great fishing adventure on the mighty Columbia River.




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