5 Stars are not enough. Buddy, that was a fishing trip I will never forget thank you for the memories. “For those reading this post” DO IT! BOOK YOUR TRIP. You will only regret not going.

Buddy is a great guy, down to earth, easy to talk to, Hardworking and knowledgeable. Are experience with Buddy was great. 4 minutes into our trip we were fighting sturgeon literally. We had little idea what we were in for but became very clear and fast. Buddy is no “boat ride captain” it’s clear he is a fishing charter captain. Buddy kept us on the fish and in the fight.

When he saw a few “small” 4-5 foot fish come up and herd us talking about are arms burning from the fight. Buddy simply put us in a spot with bigger fish and what seemed to be a never-ending battle. Perfect! Loved every minute of it my cheeks hurt just as much as my arms from smiling. Thank you so much, Buddy.

I have been on a lot of charters and seems like you never know what you’re going to get, just a boat ride, a drunk washed up guy that’s all ways yelling lol. This was by far the best fishing experience of my life. The drive from Sacramento to Oregon city was well worth it. Highly Recommended to all.

Can’t thank you enough and wish that best for you.