Hi Buddy,

Herbert and I are back to Los Angeles now after another successful and satisfying trip with you in the Columbia River. Our last trip ( April 2008) to the Columbia River was also very enjoyable and relaxing. I have been telling my fishing friends that Buddy Dupell is our most favorite fishing guide.

Fishing with you is lots of fun yet it won’t break our wallet. As an avid fisherman ( try my personal Global Adventure website , www.raymondy.com ) , I traveled all over the world looking for good fishing spots. So far my slogan is ” don’t argue with success”.

Both our Sturgeon trip and Chinook Salmon trip with you as our guide were 100 % successful. Herbert kept on telling me how much he enjoyed fishing in your boat. That said, I am taking another group of anglers to Portland to visit with you again in April 2009 and hope that ” history will repeat itself”, a great fishing trip. Thanks again.

Raymond Yu