Top 6 Fishing Tactics for catching salmon on the Columbia River

When it comes to fishing for salmon on the Columbia every angler has their secret method. The tactics we are going to discuss here are the top five because they just plain work and have been catching Columbia river salmon for generations. So here we go get your pen and pencil and start writing.agna aliqua.

How to catch Sturgeon on the Willamette

The monster of the deep the mouth of the Willamette on the Columbia River has been a renowned Sturgeon fishing spot for years. This area produces some of the largest of the species sure to give you the fight of a lifetime.

Columbia River Walleye Fishing at it’s best

Of all the species of fish that can be caught on the Columbia not many anglers talk about fishing for Walleye. You’ll hear plenty of stories about catching monster salmon or goliath sturgeon but the real talk of the town should be Walleye fishing. Walleye is without a doubt one of the best eating freshwater fish the Columbia River has to offer.

Not only are these fish tasty they are hard fishing and fun to catch.

States approve Columbia River Chinook and Sturgeon Seasons

  CLACKAMAS, Ore. – Fishery managers from Oregon and Washington added a day to the lower Columbia River spring Chinook season and approved several recreational white sturgeon fisheries, including a 10-day season from the Wauna power lines to Buoy 10 at the Read More