Summer Fishing Trips in Oregon


Oregon’s river fishing usually exceeds what anglers expect, surpassing even parts of Alaska. Its

free-flowing rivers and exceptional habitat mean great summer fishing on all of Oregon’s rivers.

Summer Steelhead Fishing Trips

Steelhead can be elusive and challenging, so anglers need to muster their patience and
persistence. The prize is catching a fish that’s famous for putting up a spectacular, line-peeling
fight. There are two main runs of steelhead in Oregon, in summer and in winter. Steelhead
returning to rivers east of the Cascade Mountains are considered the summer run. They begin
migrating in March near the coast and as late as October or November in eastern Oregon.
Summer steelhead remain in Oregon rivers for several months before spawning, while the
Winter run spawns soon after they enter their home streams.

Summer Walleye Fishing Trips

Though walleye can be caught year-round, in the Lower Columbia and Willamette rivers,
around Portland, walleye fishing is best in the summer months, late June through September.
These toothy predators can be aggressive feeders at times, and a lot of fun to catch. The
Columbia and Willamette rivers have yielded record Oregon Walleye at more than 18 lbs.

Clackamas River Fishing Trips

One of Oregon’s better steelhead rivers is the Clackamas River, right outside Portland. It flows
from the Cascade Mountains to the Willamette River just upstream from Portland and is open
for steelhead fishing from the mouth up to the North Fork Reservoir. The first summer
steelhead is usually caught in March, then peak between May to July, and decline in August.
However, anglers can catch a fair number of summer steelhead into the fall.

Columbia River Fishing Trips

Summer anglers target steelhead in the Columbia River before they can get to tributaries, like
the Clackamas, Sandy, and Deschutes rivers. The section of the river below Rainier begins producing good
runs of summer steelhead in May or June and continues through mid-summer. From June to
August steelhead are abundant between Portland and Rainier. In July and August, fishing peaks
above Portland, up to the Dalles Dam.

Willamette River Fishing Trips

The Willamette River flows through Oregon’s major cities, carrying one of Oregon’s richest
Shad runs. The Willamette Shad run is the Largest run of fish to enter the River and provides
 Great action for those wanting to get out and Catch some fish close to the city.
In addition to an Oregon fishing license, steelhead anglers need to purchase a Combined
Angling Tag (steelhead, salmon, sturgeon and Pacific halibut). You also can purchase Hatchery
Harvest Tags that authorize the harvest of additional hatchery fish.
If you have any questions about summer river fishing Trips in Oregon, call Buddy, Columbia
River Guided Fishing
 and they will be happy to answer them.

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