White Salmon River Fishing Trips

The White Salmon River in Washington is a little-known secret fishing paradise with healthy runs of fall salmon and winter steelhead. Take a trip on one of our Columbia River Fishing Guides sleds up the river for a chance to target these wonderful species of fish.

White Salmon River Salmon Fishing

The White Salmon River hosts three decent runs of salmon that enter the river every year. Spring chinook can be found as early as May and dies out in June, while the fall chinook and coho salmon season ramps up near the end of August and remains strong through October.

White Salmon River Spring Chinook Fishing Trips

Ironically the White Salmon isn’t very well known for Spring Chinook fishing. Decent numbers of these larger than life fish enter the river in early spring, but many anglers prefer to target them in the at the mouth in the Columbia. This is one of our favorite spots as well.

White Salmon River Coho Fishing Trips

One of the things we love about the White Salmon is that the White Salmon River always seems to provide decent opportunities for catching Coho salmon. You’ll generally find lots of locals targeting this species every fall. Coho typically arrive in decent numbers in the month of September and run strong well into October. Coho move fast through the river system entering the lower river near

White Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Trips

One of the main attractions for local anglers on the White Salmon River is the healthy steelhead runs that provide excellent steelhead fishing throughout the year. Summer steelhead enter the White Salmon in the early spring and run from May through June. The White Salmon also offers a larger winter run of steelhead that provides anglers with excellent opportunities for steelhead fishing beginning in December and running through March, but the late winter runs tend to be wild steelhead and are catch and release only.