Late Summer-Early Fall Oregon River Fishing

In any season, Oregon’s rivers are “must go” destinations for the world’s most avid anglers.  Providing great freshwater fishing all year long with seasonal runs of salmon, sturgeon, Steelhead, Walleye, Coho and more, most fishing trips in Oregon are exciting, memorable adventures. Anyone who has fished at sea and on Oregon rivers knows that Oregon river fishing can be equally thrilling.


With more than 100,000 miles of rivers, including the Columbia and Willamette, the Oregon river fishing experience is world-class and unequaled in the contiguous U.S. You can catch huge sturgeon and fish the best Chinook salmon run in the world on the Columbia River, near Portland, in late summer and early fall.


The best Steelhead runs are in the late summer and early fall months on the Columbia and its tributaries like the Willamette, Clackamas and Sandy Rivers Steelhead is called “the ultimate game fish” by some anglers due to the challenges of their elusiveness and spectacular fight.


The best sturgeon fishing on the lower  Columbia is in July and early August in Astoria, and in September, closer to Portland. Once fall begins, the biggest sturgeon can be found upriver by Bonneville Dam.


The fall run of Coho salmon, a tasty, lively fish also known as “silvers,” parallels the fall Chinook run on the Columbia River. The typically good runs of Coho salmon are expected to be even better this fall with a large increase in their population. There are good fisheries for Coho within an hour of Portland. Most of the fish will enter the Columbia River, and estuaries like Hammond and Astoria, by late August, and should remain plentiful through October.

If you want to catch Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye or Coho salmon, Columbia River Fishing Adventures offers exciting, world-class fishing trips for all four seasons in the Portland area and along with Oregon’s river system.


Columbia River Fishing Adventures knows how to bring a world-class fishing experience to every season in Oregon. We’ll outfit you with the best equipment, and give you the instruction and advice to help you have the fishing adventure of a lifetime, in any season.

Experienced fishing guide, Buddy Dupell, owner of Columbia River Fishing in Portland, Oregon, knows where to find the best seasonal runs along the Columbia and its tributaries from Astoria, Portland, and the Bonneville Dam. For more information, or to book a late summer or early fall fishing trip, give Buddy a call at (503) 490-3099, or email him at [email protected]

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