The Columbia River has some of the best sturgeon fishing Oregon has to offer. If you’re looking to catch sturgeon Columbia River Fishing Adventures has you covered. We offer year-round Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing trips targeting both trophy class and keeper class fish.




Sturgeon fishing in Oregon is World Class and the Columbia River has the best sturgeon fishing in the world! Columbia River fishing Adventures offers two excellent locations for catch and keep for sturgeon. The McNary Dam in the upper section of the Lake Umatilla Pool near the town of Hermiston Oregon. We can access any of the fishing ramps at Umatilla Marina, Irrigon, Patterson, Boardman, Crowe Butte, down to the John Day River. This section of the Columbia River is referred to as the John Day Pool. The Hanford Reach above the Tri-Cities area and down river through the Wallula – Gap also has spectacular sturgeon fishing.




Other Columbia River catch and keep sturgeon trips are in Northern Washington on Lake Roosevelt. Kettle Falls is a cool little fishing town, surrounded by lots of trees and wildlife that is not too far from the Canadian border. Our catch and release sturgeon trips on the Snake River/Hells Canyon area is a bucket list fishery. This gate way into the Hells Canyon hosts some of the world’s largest sturgeon and has some of the best scenic views of the Pacific Northwest to be found. Mt. Hood, evergreen, endless wildlife are all a part of the adventure.




White sturgeon are the world’s largest freshwater fish in North America and can grow to 15 feet and weigh over 500 pounds. These primitive fish have large bony plates, a long flat nose, and a deep forked tail. The White Sturgeon is considered a prehistoric fish and may live well over 100 years however, white sturgeon don’t mature until they are 25 years of age. These dinos are considered bottom feeders and have 4 barbels near their noose that are used for both feel and smell. Sturgeon are also predatorial and will hunt and have no problem chasing down smaller bait fish for a quick meal. When it comes to catching them there’s no shortage of excitement. These fish love to surface like a geyser providing acrobatics and line squealing runs for deeper waters.  Sturgeon fishing can be a family event, when one member tuckers out we can hand it off to another to experience the excitement of their powerful tug.




The Columbia River at the John Day Pool below the McNary Dam is a primary keeper sturgeon section of the river. Anglers are allowed to retain fish from 43’ to 54’ inches in length. The fishery opens on January 1st and generally remains open through the end of March. Most of the sturgeon we catch in this section of the river is just below the McNary Dam but we have a few other several spots that produce as well if it’s to crowded at the dam. Given the keeper season can be limited it’s always good to book your trip well in advance as to make user theirs a seal available for your entire party.




There are times when water flows and weather forces us to move either down river to the John Day Pool or up above the dam in the Wallula Gap in the Tri Cities section of the river. Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River can be spectacular and offers one of the largest sturgeon populations in the world. There are days that we hook into 40-50 sturgeon with a few lucky anglers landing the occasional ten plus foot armor plated monster. This is a very popular fishery and attracts sport fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. Once you catch a fish of the size and nature of a white sturgeon, pretty much no other freshwater fish can compare to the experience in regards to fight. These fish live up to the hype and rarely let our clients down as far a excitement factor.




These giant fresh water  fish can take up to 2 hours to land and have enough fight for the entire group. As far a types of sturgeon available, we can basically divide them into 3 classes. This helps our clients understand what we’ll be going after allowing us to provide anglers the the best possible fishing experience. Sturgeon along with many other species of fish that are referred to as “Shakers” are fish under the legal size. Some call them bait stealers, but in the end we throw them back to fight another day. “Keepers” as in Keeper sturgeon are of course fish that are caught that happen to be within the legal  size requirements to retain.  Lastly are the oversize sturgeon, often referred to as “Peelers” which basically says it all. As in these fish will peel the line right off the reel. When that happens, hold on folks, your in for a ride. We at Columbia River Fishing Adventures fish for sturgeon year around and know exactly where to find them. Best of all Sturgeon fishing is just part of the action. Salmon, steelhead, walleye and bass fishing on the Columbia are also excellent fisheries . Without a doubt the Columbia River is one of the best sportfishing rivers in the world and few Oregon fishing guides know this river as well as we do.





When it comes to keeper sturgeon, the daily limit is one sturgeon and the annual limit is 2 per year. Anglers can continue to catch and release fish after reaching the daily or annual limit. Which can be fun if you’d like to get a glory shot and continue to go after one of the 6 foot plus fish. Whoever, keeper sturgeon can be retained that measure between 53″ and 63″ inches, from the tip of the nose to the middle fork of the tail. These fish are good eating and worthy of any dinner table so retaining them is defiantly worth it.




The Snake River in Hells Canyon is a sport fishing paradise and hosts some of the worlds largest sturgeon. Hells Canyon is one of the deepest gorges in North America and Hellar Bar is the gate way into the the canyon. Hell’s Canyon sturgeon are a special variety of the species that have learned to adapt being landlocked. Prior to the dams being built, the Snake River Sturgeon would migrate back and forth to the Pacific Ocean to feed and spawn. Sturgeon in the canyon have prospered and offer guides excellent opportunities for catching some trophy fish. This popular fishery has breathtaking views of rock shelves that climb 9000 feet and home to abundant wildlife.




The Hells Canyon sturgeon fishing is catch and release only. If you want to take some fish home, we can combine other keeper fish species to your trip. Hells Canyon is a very challenging river for the less, experienced angler, we recommend using a guide. We make our home in the Portland region, and very familiar with the fluctuating water flows of the Columbia and how they effect the fishing. We fish for sturgeon year around but there are times in the dead of the summer that we choose to give the fish a break and target salmon in the lower Columbia.




These amazing fish can take up to 2 hours to land and have enough fight for an entire group. There are basically 3 classes of sturgeon we target to provide our clients with the best possible fishing experience. There are sturgeon referred to as “Shakers” which are fish under the legal size, These fish we release back into the wild to catch another day. On the other hand “Keepers” are sturgeon of legal size which we retain, clean and you can take the meat home to enjoy the fruits of your plunder. Sturgeon referred to as “Peelers” and are the true beast of Columbia. They will literally peel the line right off the reel. Never fear, well help you land that monster and you’ll have the photos to share with friends and family as you tell the tale of how you conquered the dinosaur of the deep. Best of all we fish sturgeon year-round and know exactly where to find them.




Sturgeon fishing is one of our main stays when it comes to our Oregon Fishing Trips, but there are several species of game fish to target on the Columbia. We also target salmon, walleye and steelhead. If you looking to book your very own Columbia River Fishing Adventure give us a call. We’ll be more that happy to provide the fishing experience of a lifetime.