Experience Guided Salmon Fishing in Portland Oregon

Much of the spectacular cold-water fishing in North America happens in Portland, Oregon. The great Columbia River is the go-to location for Salmon and Steelhead, nearly all year long.  It is the dream destination for a world-class fishing experience by avid salmon anglers.

The best runs of these prized fish occur at various times along the Columbia River and are easily accessed from Portland.  The Columbia and Willamette Rivers, known for their world-class salmon fisheries, come together near Portland, which joins the state’s two largest Spring Salmon runs. The natural narrowing of the Columbia River provides easy access to prime fishing spots – and excellent opportunities to catch these challenging and tasty fish.

A Portland guided fishing trip takes full advantage of the opportunities afforded in the area. Many devoted salmon anglers will tell you that their most memorable guided fishing trips in Portland were (and are) with Buddy Dupell, owner and guide of Columbia River Fishing Adventures. His expertise from decades of fishing year-round on Oregon’s bountiful rivers has made him the consummate guide in Portland for great salmon fishing in any season.

When Spring Chinook flood into the Columbia River in early April, a savvy fishing guide, such as Buddy Dupell, wastes no time in targeting these hard-to-catch, spectacular fish. “We look forward every spring to getting back to battling Chinook ‘Springers’,” Buddy explains. “Once our clients experience the excitement of fishing for Spring Chinook, they count the days until they can come back and do it again.”

‘Springers’ like to stack up at the mouth and below Willamette falls before working their way up the Willamette to spawn in the upper reaches at the Santiam and McKenzie Rivers. Buddy and his crew like to chase them all the way to Willamette Falls.

Steelhead, a species of salmon native to the Pacific Northwest and abundant in Oregon’s rivers, is known in land-locked regions as rainbow trout. Most of Oregon’s Winter Steelhead fisheries are running at peak levels just after the first of the year. Steelheads are sought after by anglers mainly for the big fight they put up when they get hooked – so, landing one is considered quite an accomplishment!

Columbia River Spring Chinook are highly desirable not only for battling ability, but for their exceptional flavor, too (reputed to be the best-tasting fish on the West Coast, in any season) and a much higher content of “good fat” than other types of salmon.

If you want to try your hand at catching salmon on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers in Portland, get the details on how to get in on the action by contacting Columbia River Guided fishing.

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