Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing set to reopen for retention January 1, 2020

• Sturgeon Regulations

» Open for white sturgeon from Jan 1 –
until quota is reached.
» Bag limit is 1 per day, 2 per year.
» Bonneville Dam to The Dalles Dam
sturgeon must be between 38 inch minimum and 54 inch maximum fork length.
» The Dalles Dam to McNary Dam sturgeon must be between 43 inch minimum, 54 inch maximum fork length.




 While sturgeon are very hardy, anglers should still treat them with care. ODFW encourages responsible catch-and-release fishing for sturgeon to ensure that these incredible fish are available for future generations to enjoy.




• Sturgeon greater than 54-inches in fork length must remain in the water at all times.
• When catch-and-release fishing, fish must be returned to the water immediately unharmed.
• Only single point, barbless hooks are allowed.




• Keep sturgeon in the water, regardless of size.
• Never lift or hold the fish by the gill plates.
• Non-offset circle hooks and short leaders
can prevent deep-hooking.
• Attach your weight using a slider and
line that is lighter than the main line, to
ensure less gear will stay with the fish if
you break off.
• Limit your fishing to times when the
water temperature is less than 70f.
• Take actions to release fish quickly. When fighting a large sturgeon from a boat, release from the anchor and follow the fish.


When taking photos:


• Take photos as quickly as possible. Don’t try to photograph every fish — just take a few pictures to remember the trip.


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