Columbia River Fishery Notice

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife June 30, 2020
Compact Action:
The Columbia River Compact agencies of Oregon and Washington met today and took the following actions:
Treaty Indian Fisheries
Allowed commercial sales of fish landed in the following fisheries:
Summer Commercial Gillnet Fishery:
Season: Area: Gear:
6:00 AM Wednesday July 1 to 6:00 PM Friday July 3
All of Zone 6.
Set and drift gillnets. 7-inch minimum mesh size restriction.
6:00 AM Monday July 6 to 6:00 PM Thursday July 9
All of Zone 6.
Set and drift gillnets. No minimum mesh size restriction.
(21⁄2 days)
(31⁄2 days)
The following regulations apply to all Treaty Indian fisheries referenced above:
Allowable Sales:
All standard river mouth and dam sanctuaries applicable to gillnet gear, except the Spring Creek Hatchery sanctuary is not in effect.
Salmon (all species), steelhead, shad, yellow perch, bass, walleye, catfish, and carp may be sold or retained for subsistence.
Sturgeon may not be sold. Sturgeon between 38-54 inches in fork length in Bonneville Pool and sturgeon between 43-54 inches in fork length in The Dalles and John Day pools may be kept for subsistence use. Fish landed during the open periods are allowed to be sold after the period concludes.
24-hour quick reporting required for Washington buyers, pursuant to WAC 220-352-180 except that landings must be reported within 24-hours of completing the fish ticket.
Joint State Action:
The states of Oregon and Washington discussed the following recreational fisheries and took the following actions:
Mainstem Columbia River Recreational Summer Chinook Fisheries.
• Adopted the following fishery:
Tongue Point-Rocky Point Line to Oregon/Washington Border.
Dates: Area:
Catch Limits:
Saturday July 4, 2020 through Wednesday July 8, 2020
Mainstem Columbia River from the Tongue Point-Rocky Point line upstream to the OR/WA Border (upstream of McNary Dam).
Retention of hatchery Chinook (adults and jacks) is allowed. The daily bag limit is two adult hatchery Chinook. Retention of sockeye and steelhead is prohibited.
• Allotherpermanentregulations,includingbaglimitsforjackChinook,inthe2020 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations pamphlet remain in effect.
• A Compact/Joint State Hearing is scheduled for 10:00 AM Wednesday July 8, 2020 to consider treaty commercial and recreational summer Chinook fisheries.
• For information concerning these decisions see the June 30, 2020 Summer Fact Sheets #1a&b at:

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