2021 Oregon Fishing Forecast Announcement


2021 Columbia River salmon season is looking to be a spectacular one. The spring and summer runs are predicted to have some very good numbers. The Willamette river is expected to get about 50,000 salmon this year with 5300 of them headed for the Sandy. The Columbia up river spring chinook season the ODFW are expecting around 78,000 fish and the Upper summer chinook season another 78,000 salmon. Also the summer Sockeye season expects a return of 155,000 Sockeye salmon.


The fall salmon season is expected to be even more spectacular. Columbia River fall chinook we are expected to see around 455,000 adult bright chinook and an additional 121,000 Tule chinook. If that not enough to get you out on the water the Columbia River fall Coho season is predicted to be 1.3 million silver salmon in the river. This spells an exciting Columbia River salmon season with excellent fishing almost pretty much all year long.  If you looking to get in on the salmon action book your trip with Columbia River Fishing Guides today.

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