2020 Columbia River Mainstem Commercial Smelt Fishery


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife January 28, 2020

The following action was taken:

2020 Mainstem Commercial Smelt Fishery


Season: Mondays and Thursdays (5 AM to 5 PM) from February 3 through February 27.

Area: Zones 1-3

Gear: Gillnet only. Mesh size may not exceed two inches stretch measure. Nets may not
exceed 1,500 feet in length along the cork line.

Allowable Sales: Smelt

Misc. Regulations:

Multiple net rule in effect: Which means nets not specifically authorized for use in this
fishery may be on-board the vessel if properly stored. A properly stored net is defined
as a net on a drum that is fully covered by a tarp (canvas or plastic) and bound with a
minimum of ten revolutions of rope with a diameter of 3/8 (0.375) inches or greater.

24-hour quick reporting required for Washington buyers, pursuant to WAC 220-352-315.
Oregon buyers are required to electronically submit fish receiving tickets pursuant to
OAR 635-006-0210. Electronic fish tickets must be submitted within 24 hours of
closure of the fishing period, or within 24 hours of landing for fishing periods lasting
more than 24 hours.


• A Compact hearing is scheduled for 10 AM February 11, 2020 via teleconference to
consider Select Area (winter-summer) and treaty commercial fisheries.
• A Joint State hearing is scheduled for 10 AM February 19, 2020 at the Shilo Inn (11707 NE
Airport Way, Portland, OR) to consider mainstem Columbia River recreational spring
Chinook fisheries.

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